office cultures and tribes behaviour psychology

Office tribes

office tribes behaviour Office tribes and behaviour fascinate me. A recent…

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Surviving Corporate Life Tips

Reality check

Today I went out for lunch with a very good…

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working from home

The perils of working from home

A few years ago, I remember being offered the option…

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holidays relaxing

Relaxing on holidays?

It’s Summer time and I’m writing this post after a…

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Office Psychology — What is your Kryptonite?

Most of us have things that set us off, buttons others…

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Sunday night anxiety

Sunday Night Anxiety

It’s Sunday evening   Which means it is Monday tomorrow. Again.…

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office bosses

Office Archetypes — Bosses

If you have worked in professional services for a while,…

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Jargon du jour

Someone I met today said something absolutely brilliant   We…

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Does wearing glasses make you look more intelligent?

Does wearing glasses make you look more intelligent?

Life has a blind sense of humour   I spent…

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Role Models

Role models

We all have an idea of what cool, successful or…

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be yourself at work office confidence

Can you be yourself at work?

I recently found out that one of the best people…

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tips for successful meetings

Is this meeting a waste of time?

There’s a lot of professional advice out there on how…

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office confidence tips

Be your confident best

We all have a different strategy to project confidence in office…

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How to make a mess of your new job

Joining a new firm is a bit like getting off…

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Office look SS17

Office look SS17 by anotherdayatwork featuring cuff jewelry Michelle Mason…

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Power Dressing 101

Power Dressing 101 by anotherdayatwork featuring a cap sleeve cocktail…

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Getting Things Done


Getting things done I think I must have read every…

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Office Style for Women Autumn 15 Fashion

Plan your Autumn Wardrobe – Women Office Fashion

Marella wool coat Closet slim pants Sole Society…

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Best Men’s Office Bags & Briefcases – Autumn 15

  Jack Spade Bond Brief £285 – Saint Laurent Tuc Briefcase…

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