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Office look SS17

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Office tribes

office tribes behaviour Office tribes and behaviour fascinate me. A recent company survey on sponsorship preferences gave the most formidable insight into how different groups of people can interact in a corporate ecosystem. It got me thinking. What are the different tribes in my office? In an open space environment, it is easy to spot and observe…

Getting Things Done


Getting things done I think I must have read every management book out there. Many years ago, I went through a phase of really getting into HBR articles on leadership, or stuff by Steven Covey on the 7 habits of obsessive-compulsive people. I have tried to-do lists, colour-coding tasks in my inbox – and even…

office bosses

Office Archetypes — Bosses

If you have worked in professional services for a while, you will have probably noticed a few recurring characters – especially when it comes to office bosses    Here are some of the most common.   The Godfather   Godfathers are Senior Partners or VPs that have been around the office for years. They see themselves…

Jargon du jour

Someone I met today said something absolutely brilliant   We were talking about a new commercial venture. I asked him about his team and the profile of the people he had identified to come and join the business. When describing one of his colleagues – someone who has been in the business for over 20…

Role Models

Role models

We all have an idea of what cool, successful or powerful looks like  And it turns out most of us are influenced by the movies or serials we’ve watched over the years. According to my recent undercover investigation, most people (men and women) around your office have inner fictional role models. For example a Programme Director at one of…

tips for successful meetings

Is this meeting a waste of time?

There’s a lot of professional advice out there on how to conduct effective meetings. And some pretty good tips, too. Except it rarely goes according to plan, does it?   A perfect example of this was last Friday. I was asked to join a meeting and share ideas on a project with a team I’d never met before. They…